What is Kastamonu Entegre 2022 TalenTree Development Journey?

It is a 45-days internship program where you will be able to get to know Kastamonu Entegre better, spend time with our managers and get inspired from them, a part of Agile Project Management with a mentor, experience the hybrid working model in which you will have special trainings and webinars.


Who Can Apply?

All students who are 3rd year undergraduate student, have a compulsory internship or want to be a volunteer intern can apply to the Kastamonu Entegre 2022 TalenTree Development Program.


What stages should I go through before taking the first step on the Development Journey?

After you apply for our internship program, if you meet the criteria that we have stated in our job description, an online English Test is waiting for you. After your success in the test, you will experience a gamification which measures IQ & EQ. Then, we'll ask you to share with us the video recordings where you answer a few questions we. Finally, we will conduct an virtual interview with you and get to know you better, and a 45-days development program will be waiting for you!


We would like to share that there may be changes in all our processes in the TalenTree Development Journey due to the coronavirus pandemic that we are all in. 


Is there any document requested from me during the online eveluation or one-to-one interviews?

No document will be needed at any stage.


When will the TalenTree 2022 Development Journey program start after the selection and evaluation processes?

We foresee the starting date of the journey as June, but there is a possibility that there may be changes in the dates due to the pandemic, detailed information will be sent to you via e-mail at all stages of the process. 


I have a compulsory internship, can I still join the TalenTree Development Journey?

Definitly! If the university accepts it, you can complete your compulsory internship at TalenTree. 


Can I apply for the program from different provinces?

You can apply to Kastamonu Entegre 2022 TalenTree Development Journey from any province and you should select one of our locations which are Adana, Balıkesir, Bulgaria, Headquarters (Istanbul), Italy, Kastamonu, Kocaeli, Mersin, Romania, Russia, Samsun. However, you must be at the location during the on-site internship, excluding our facilities abroad.

Will I receive any fees during the internship?

A certain payment will be made to our interns.


What is your expectation from me during the internship?

In the first two weeks of your internship, which will last for 45-days, we expect you to participate in online training programs, listen to webinars, be inspired by our top executives. In the second month, we expect you to be a good teammate for your team and prove yourself in the project you will develop together with your mentor, with the hybrid working model in the location you have chosen.


What is the Hybrid Working Model?

The hybrid working model can be briefly summarized as a work style that enables employees to blend working from different locations like home on certain days of a month or a week and working from the office on other days.


Does my school have to provide insurance for the internship or is my insurance covered by Kastamonu Entegre?

If you apply for this program to do your compulsory internship, your insurance must be covered by the school. Insurance payments of our volunteer interns are covered by Kastamonu Entegre.


And for all your other questions, you can contact with us via kariyer@keas.com.tr.